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Sprinkled across the landscape of Northern Arizona are a number of deep, narrow canyons carved over millions of years into the desert floor. Flash floods running through these “slot” canyons have made them to be as little as just a few feet wide, yet hundreds of feet deep. Layers of sandstone have been sculpted into labyrinths, filled with glowing color and forming twisting natural cathedrals. Reflected sunlight causes the walls of these canyons to glow with intense shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. These otherworldly scenes are occasionally complimented by narrow beams of light slicing through the darkness. Truly magical places and  unforgettable locations for that special day.

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon is not available for weddings or photo tours in 2018. As the most visited slot canyon in the area, Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation will, in an effort to protect and preserve this prized resource, no longer issue Special Use Permits for Lower Antelope Canyon.

Mountain Sheep Slot Canyon Wedding
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Upper Antelope Slot Canyon
This canyon is only accessible with a guided 4 Wheel Drive tour. There are a hand full of companies that offer Upper Antelope Canyon Tours. There is only one “prime light beam” 2 hour photo tours available each day and they fill up fast. Each tour is a maximum of 8 persons and no one under the age of 16 allowed on the 2 hour photo tour.

Secret Slot Canyon
Secret Canyon is the only slot canyon in the area that can be booked for a private tour. This amazing adventure begins with a 20 minute 4 wheel drive tour deep into the desert southwest. Once you arrive a short 5 minute walk in the sand finds you entering a magical world of light and sandstone. This canyon is 1/2 mile long and offers amazing opportunities to enjoy a slot canyon experience without hundreds of other people joining you on your special day. Semi-private tours are also available with a maximum of 15 passengers.

Canyon X Slot Canyon
Canyon X is located in Antelope Canyon Wash and offers 2 distinct slot canyons in one with a short desert canyon walk in between. One of the Canyon X arm provides the perfect place for a ceremony and the other arm offers the tight canyon walls and the bean of light in the dark recesses. Another wonderful slot canyon to enjoy that is not so crowded.

Mountain Sheep Slot Canyon Packages
Mountain Sheep Canyon is the longest slot canyon we offer, at one and a half miles long it offers limitless opportunities to find that perfect spot for your ceremony. Striking color and texture combine to form the unique grandeur that is Mountain Sheep Canyon. This canyon is also one of the less frequented and so suits those couples that want peace, quiet and solitude on their special day.  Just imagine the sound of native flute music echoing around the canyon as you are bathed in the rainbow of colors reflected from the sculptured sandstone walls. Truly magical.

Waterholes Slot Canyon Packages
Waterholes Canyon is very similar to Upper Antelope but much less visited. Interesting rock formations and stunning colors make this an ideal wedding location for couples who want to get away from the crowds on their special day. As of 2018 Waterholes Canyon will require a Navajo Nation approved guide company to access the canyon. This is a steep hike and not for the faint at heart but worth the adventure for those who enjoy rugged exploration.

Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon
Choose the road less traveled for our Extreme Wedding Adventure! Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon is located just north of Kanab, Utah, 70 miles from Page - Lake Powell. We will be guided by Detours American West on this exciting adventure to the canyon on a Polaris RZR™, be prepared to get down and dirty. The adventure Polaris RZR™ ride is approximately 45 minutes each way providing us 1-1.5 hours in canyon for your ceremony and photography.

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