Slot Canyon Elopement & Weddings
 a truly magical place to say “ I do.”

Formed over millenia by water and sand to produce a narrow, deep and extremely colorful subterranean wonderland. These water sculpted sandstone labyrinth is a natural cathedral in the desert, taking your breath away with its majesty and beauty.  There are over a dozen commercial  slot canyons in the Page - Lake Powell and Kanab Utah areas. Due to it extreme popularity, both Antelope Canyons, Lower & Upper are no longer available for photo tours or weddings.
All Page area slot canyons are on the Navajo Nation. Special Use Permits are required.

We have been offering Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon Weddings located near Kanab, Utah, 70 miles north of Page, Arizona.
Peek-A-Boo is the perfect slot canyon wedding site for elopements and engagements.
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A slot canyon wedding is a truly spectacular event. Not only are you going to propose or get married on top in one of nature’s wonders, but there are several canyons to choose from and all your choices are stunning. After you say, ‘I do’, drinks and canapés await you, if you so wish. With special engagement, elopement or wedding packages, allow our team of officiant and photographers help you make your adventure dreams come true.

We can be on location for those last-minute elopements, proposals and commitment ceremonies. Contact us for the latest special offers created for your once in a lifetime Tower Butte destination wedding.

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